A book in thought

Our thoughts are the product of a permanent, individual translation of our sensory perceptions of the events around us. Our actions, in turn, are translations of these thoughts; resulting in a constant ­trans­­cription between the parallelism of object and subject, event and thought, which enables us to become active in the world and to react to it.

The book project Noema [working title: Ist in Gedanken / Is in the mind] is created through an intensive examination of the parallelism of the world of events and thoughts: It represents a snapshot and translation of my individual world of thought into the world of objects and is based on scientific research and conscious self-observation.
With an experimental and playful approach to typography and a visual language that describes the part of our thoughts that is not anchored in language, I enter into a current dialogue with myself: By designing and writing a book, I manifest my thoughts in the object world; while reading, I enter into an unexplored dialogue in the reader’s mind.
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